How to use the index

First go to the Births, Marriages or Deaths page. In the box, type in at least three letters of the surname or place-name you are researching and then press the Search button. Allow for variations in spelling, because spellings were not as standardized then as they are now.  Sometimes the place-names contain obvious typographical errors which we have corrected in order to facilitate identification.  However if you order the complete notice, you will get the spelling exactly as it appeared in the newspaper.  Sometimes the newspaper print is quite blurred and, if we remain unsure of the spelling, our best guess is followed with a “?” in the index.

The system can provide you with alternative spellings if they are available.  For example, Kel will produce “Kelly”, Kelley”, “O’Kelly” and McKelly” and probably a number of other variants.

You will be given a list of the “hits” for the piece of information you submit. Each “hit” provides you with additional information such as places and other associated surnames (particularly important for marriages) so that you can decide whether you need the full notice. If you do, add it to your “Shopping Basket” and, when you are finished, proceed to “Check-out.” We will send you by E-mail the complete transcript of every newspaper entry in your “Shopping Basket.” The cost is $1.00 (Canadian) per entry or $.75 per entry for five or more. The minimum charge is $5.00 per order.  You have the option of using encrypted security to pay by credit card or you can mail us a money order or cheque. We can accept payment in any one of the following currencies: Canadian $, US $, or British �.

Why do we charge?

We have incurred expenses for microfilm rental, photocopying, web design and maintenance. Your order will allow us to add further entries for other years and to make Irish Index an even more useful genealogical tool in the future. To receive information on other years as they are added to the Index, go to “Other Years.